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Camp David Collections of America's
first Executive Chef there

     Camp David is a wonderful American treasure and relaxation spot.  While Mr. Mongiello was the Executive Chef and Asst. Manager of Lodging there a number of improvements were made while historic events occurred.  It is a well know fact, in the public domain, that there are a number of cabins there - all of which require interior design, maintenance, cleaning crews, guest service and great meals.  Regardless of which party is in office - America relies on the representation of our country to be top notch.  There is no room for poor attitude along any form of party lines, rhetoric or comments.  Those whom partake in such behavior would be quickly discharged. 

    It was his distinct pleasure to share his Italian-German-French heritage in cookery along with customs and a strong Italian-American upbringing.  Healthy, fat-free cuisine was also on the top of the list with assistance from Doctor Dean Ornish.  Not much is said out of respect for his work ethic, honor in his trade, security considerations, a deep respect (and admiration) for President and Senator Clinton, the first family, public personalities and guests.  Continue on to Executive Chef Mongiello's page two (2) and get some free recipes, see photos and more now.


     What happened there since it was first developed and built by Franklin Delano Roosevelt?  Visit the website, named after Camp David, which is credited with much of this goldmine of information and read about when

-FDR and British Prime Minister Churchill held war strategy talks or FDR relaxed by working on his stamp collection.

-Camp David was virtually deserted as President Truman, in the White House, decided to drop the atomic bombs or played poker aboard the Yacht Williamsburg.

-President Eisenhower met with Soviet Premier Khrushchev or practiced skeet shooting on the Camp David skeet range.

-President Kennedy met with President Eisenhower to discuss the Bay of Pigs invasion or Caroline Kennedy rode her pony Macaroni on the Camp David bridle path.

-President Johnson met with aides to discuss the war in Vietnam or went bowling on the Camp David bowling lanes.

-President Nixon met with Soviet Premier Brezhnev or swam in the newly constructed swimming pool.

-President Ford defended his pardon of President Nixon or zipped around a snow covered camp on a snowmobile.

-President Carter held the meetings that led to the signing of the Camp David Accords or bicycled around Camp David with his wife.

-President Reagan met with British Prime Minister Thatcher or borrowed the Camp David carpenter shop for woodworking projects.

-President Bush met with Soviet Premier Gorbachev or pitched horseshoes.

-President Clinton hosted a Mid-East Summit or enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner on the mountain.

-President George W. Bush hosted British Prime Minister Tony Blair or rededicated the camp chapel.

    A sincere debt of gratitude and credit is extended to sailor, and former Camp David man, Mr. Bill King and his wife Helen for his extensive, historical work.

Continue on to page two (2) of Chef Mongiello's archive collection now...


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